-Refund Policy


-Order Cancellations

Orders cannot be cancelled once they are shipped.

-How long before order ships?

Orders ship in 3-6 business days. Special orders may take an additional 2 days. (Special order applies if something is "out of stock" or indicates "special order")

-How much hair does it take to cover a full head?

If you are purchasing bundles that are 16" or less it typically takes 2 bundles to cover a full head. If purchasing 18 - 22" bundles it typically takes 3 bundles. If purchasing 24" or longer you will need 3-4 bundles for a full head.

-Care Instructions

1.) Carefully wash it with luke warm water, mild shampoo and conditioner. Washing in a downward motion from top to bottom.

2.)Finger comb while washing without rubbing or twisting the hair. Rinse through

3.)To dry, gently squeeze excess water with towel. Leave-in conditioner (optional). Hang and air dry

4.)Heat can be used to create desired style. Note to self: if you take care of your hair it will last longer

-Daily Care

-Long lasting beauty, luster, shine & moisture is the most important thing. Do not use a lot of alcohol based products.

-To keep hair soft add a small amount of light moisturizing hair serum. This can also help manipulate your waves or curls.

-Avoid applying excessive mousse, gels, oils & hair lotion, as this can weigh hair down and  cause the hair to tangle.

-Sulfate-free products are the best since the hair is no longer receiving nutrients from the scalp.